Joy Perreras

Joy is your guide when it comes to creating a purposeful life with joy and ease. A reformed workaholic and a driven ‘doer’ in society’s adrenalized world, she’s committed her life to shifting the hearts and minds of women to experience the best of both Success and Ease while being on Purpose!

She’s a Female Success Model coach and trainer with BraveHeart Women Global Community. She has partnered with her beloved Brian for over a decade mentoring women and couples creating an upward spiral of Love and Work. She’s spoken on the same stage as Marianne Williamson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ellie Drake and other visionaries in a room of hundreds of women, she has co-lead breakout sessions at the Conference for Global Transformation, and facilitated groups of women around the globe. She hosts monthly Ripple gatherings in her hometown of Boise, ID creating a thriving community of women that feeds her heart and soul.

Joy is a gentle yet powerful guiding light and she brings forth the powerful inner wisdom & joy to today’s hardworking smart women. As a Global Anchor with BraveHeart Women, she’s a stand for “women to become joyous and empowered in living purposeful thriving lives with love, joy and ease.” Yes, how we are meant to Be.