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What You'll Learn 

At the world's first Heart Centered Economy Summit

This is event is a gem. You won´t hear anywhere else this profound and practical content combination. There is no other forum where thought leaders share their vision for a more human and humane future.

Welcome to the school of heart centered success!

This summit is for leaders who are ready to stop suffering the old economy and jump into the creation of a fresh new alternative. The focus is building new leadership capabilities that will allow leaders to design new business options that better answer today´s global challenges. In other words, the focus is YOU as a leader and change agent. Speakers will share their views on what is needed to thrive and have true impact in these volatile and uncertain times.

I am bringing together nine builders of the heart centered economy. They are courageous and powerful business leaders, difference makers, world changers, entrepreneurs and most importantly purpose driven professionals. They not only teach with their valuable words and concepts, but also with their lives. They embody compassion lead business. 

I am personally interviewing each one of them. In these conversations you will learn specifically how to embody these 3 key elements of the Heart Centered Economy,

Purposeful Performance

Living our lifework is the only way we could be able to build business and lives that matter. A job or a career do not cut it anymore. We need to build our legacy, our body of work.

Thrive in Complexity

The current rate of change is so high that our old methods of thinking don't work anymore. We now need to think with our whole intelligence: include our entire brain, our heart and our gut.


Cooperation is now indispensable. We need to unlearn competition and invent co-creation. For that we need to grow our self-awareness and our empathy for the others.

Learning to listen to your heart is not soft in the least. It's not just about breathing in and out. It is about bringing our gifts into the world, having an impact in other people's lives AND being joyful, fulfilled and at peace.It's about being resilient and courageous when challenges appear in the way.

If you suspect that your success depends on you figuring out how to listen to your heart and translate that into business, then this event is for you. Join Building the Heart Centered Economy Summit. 

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Learn Meaningful Business from the world's most respected teachers

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Pamela Slim

Nikkea Devida

Bertil Schaart

Howard Martin

Diana Dentinger

Amethyst Wyldfyre

Joy Perreras

Grant Soosalu

Lynette Allen

Meet your Host

Blanca Vergara

After a very successful corporate career, I left the corporate world disappointed on how businesses were conducted. My first hypothesis was that "they" were wrong; that companies were psychopathic entities, void of empathy. After all, that was the pattern I saw repeating for 20 years in different continents, industries and company sizes.

After leaving the corporate world, I entered into a life transforming journey. I completely reinvented my life: my identity, my career, my body and my relationships. In fact, giving birth to my children was the catalyst to the creation of this summit. Preparing for welcoming my first child, I learned how to control pain through breathing. With this I discovered the work of Gran Soosalu, Joseph Chilton Pearse and Howard Martin. I basically discovered the intelligence of our body, especially of our heart. This total transformation allowed me to support professionals on their quest of self-reinvention. I've developed several online programs to help you thrive in this age of complexity, among others the "Dare To Be The CEO of You".

This summit has been cooking for years. It is the synthesis of years of business consulting, cutting edge scientific research on our physiology, my roots in the Toltec culture and the experience of ecstatic birth. So the second hypothesis, the one that we will explore during this summit is: When we filter our business choices through sifts of compassion and empathy, business can become a force of good.

Business grooming in a nutshell: MSc in Information Systems, an International MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management and a Coaching Certificate by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. I spent the first 17 years of her career as a consultant and manager to large companies such as Citibank, IBM and the European Space Agency, where I worked with thousands of executives, managers and employees. My work experience covers Europe, Australia and the Americas. I also speak Spanish and Dutch.

What makes my heart sing: My outstanding and inspiring husband, my best spiritual teachers: my children, a shining vision of a more human and humane economy, all visual arts, both admiring them and creating them.

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23 to 25 November, 2015

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